Physical Specifications:

  • Frame: Wood and steel wire. 6m long, 2.5m wide, and 3m tall.
  • Engine: 2 X russian made Voronod steam engines. High efficiency. Capable of generating hydrogen and/or mechanical torque.
  • Controls: Yaw controls only made of canvas on wooden frame and steel wires. Altitude is controlled using buoyancy (and this sluggish).
  • Navigation: Nothing! But there is a mounted telescope at the bow.
  • Living space: Foot rails along the frame and engines. 2’X2’ boards behind the engines with operations and steering.
  • Fuel: 250lb-capacity coal box.


  • Startup: 4hr inflation. 15mins to warm up engine from cold state.
  • Ceiling: Untested: Test flight at less than 50m.
  • Operational range: 10 hrs at cruise consumption.
  • Airspeed: 10 kph (relative to ground)
  • Landing specs: Vertical landing possible.

Flight history:

  • First Test flight: January 1868, Alwar. 25 minutes.
  • Rescue Mission: February 1868, 7h sortie. 2 men fell 30 m to the ground, no mortality.

Known bug(s):

High-pitch vibration after 1-2 hours of cruise navigation.


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