The Jezail is a massive musket (smooth ore) of varying caliber from .5 to .75. Most were hand made using canibalized brown-bess mechanisms (flintlock action). The Jezail is used by Pashtun warriors and was the main weapon during the dramatic First Anglo-Afghan war.
Most are considered cheap (HT 12, Acc 6). Fine quality Jezails have an Acc 8.

Here are the 4E stats for it. The nearest common rifle is the Kentucky Rifle from the American civil war era.

Jezail, musket, Guns(rifles)
Critical malfunction: 16
Damage: 4d
Accuracy: 7
1/2 dmg range: 400
Range: 2000
Wt: 12lb
RoF: 1
Reload:60 seconds
Recoil: 2 (very stable because of weight)

By 1857, the Enfield 1853 has outclassed the Jezail for range (700), accuracy (8) and reload time (15). The Enfield ’53 is issued only to the military, however. Most civilian weapons, however, have poor range and accuracy performance compared to the Jezail.


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