Rafi Jahan III

An Mughal investor with many fingers in many pies


Rafi Jahan III hails from a family line off the emperor Bahadur Shah’s (1643-1712) maternal family. The Jahans are famous as successful merchants since the days of Bahadur Shah.

Rafi is the eldest son of the Jahan clan’s paternas and has been given a lot of freedom in the conduct of the family business. Rafi is mainly responsible for the conduct of the Opiate trade from Afghanistan to Calcutta. Rafi invested a lot of his personal assets in the constructions of the Allahabad-Delhi line.

Rafi knows Delhi very well and is highly connected. He has ears in every bazaars, every tea houses, and strongmen at his fingertips. The rise of discontent against the English is presenting him with a problem as most of his money was invested in the continuing commerce with the EITC.

Rafi Jahan III

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