Leon Rhepold

Clerk at the colonial court, Government house


Leon is a very nice guy working as a clerk at the central colonial court, Calcutta. He is shy and rather impressionable. He loves his work and is very enthusiastic. Most of all, poor Leon is starved for attention and is just looking to marry a nice gal of his standing.

Status: 1 (Average wealth)
Rank: 1 (Clerk)
Shy, Gullible.
Sense of Duty (Queen of England)
Current Affairs(Politics)-12


Leon has befriended Reiko from the foreign office. He has a very good reaction with her. He has given her a tour of the archive office once and sees her often during high tea and on Sundays.

Leon also has a good reaction with Maritje van der Spoel. He has told her, to reassure her, that her sister was in good hands and not kept in jail. This, however, appears to be all that her knows about Kate Levenstein’s whereabout.

Leon Rhepold

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