The Empress of India

The short life and times of Sudeep Singh Ker

Recklessness is a bad thing

Sudeep was a 16 y.o. Sikh boy from Lahore. The sparks of fate lit for him when his uncle died in the First Anglo-Sikh war in 47. Against the advice of his parents, he decided to join the regular forces of Duleep Singh, the newly minted boy-monarch of all Sikhs in India.

Sudeep had to search wide and far to find a low ranking officer [Search check], but managed to find an ambitious Sergeant to let him in despite his young age [Reaction roll, +1 Status, -2 Status of Target, got 14 ]. He found his way to a unit of sepoys and volunteered as a scout/sniper [risk +2, passed the Will check to do something foolish like this].

He got his wish (selected Native Sepoy Block, core skill:(guns(rifle)), risk+2, Mos:2, 10cp), had many adventures, most of them frightening experiences. Unfortunately, this level of risk taken (-2) by someone with so little tactics couldn’t be mitigated by his marksmanship (supporting check failed). Sudeep and the bullet of a Mughal sentry met for good in a fine April morning [he rolled a critical fail on his Trauma Peril, which was already pretty grim].

And thus concludes this iteration of character generation playtest.

Lesson: Taking a lot of risks without being great at what you are doing will get you killed. Makes sense.


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