The Empress of India

The Empress of India, seven sessions in

A summary of reports and rulings

Story arcs

The TEoI follow four main story arcs. There will be reward for progress in any of these fours arcs. What do you want to do today?

Session reports

  1. A Place in the World
  2. The Devil-woman
  3. The duel
  4. The Domino effect
  5. England House
  6. Targets
  7. TEoI 7
    1. TEoI7 Outbreak
    2. TEoI7 Confinement
  • Have a look at the rough draft of the Campaign Charter. This is work in progress (very much). A new version is in the making with a simplified character generation mechanics and a better organization.

Rulings and Mechanics

  1. Getting more out of a single-shot rifle


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