The Empress of India

The Byzantine Archive

This scene is a continuation of the previous scene A friend on the other side, with some reference to Looking for Kate.

The closed door of room 78

Reiko resumed her regular grind-life, trying to find a new excuse to get Leon to take her to the archive room. However, no matter how much she approached it, she felt that Leon would get suspicious if she pushed it further.

Leon, seeing that Reiko was interested in the gossips about the Odessa trial, confided that he has met the sister of Agent Odessa, a woman named Maritje. He told Reiko that he knew that Agent Odessa was living as a houseguest to a respected family in Calcutta. Reiko managed to get Maritje’s contact information.

Cloak and daggers

Reiko filed just the right paperwork in just the right order to convince someone in the Colonial Court office that some of her previous translation needed to be cross-referenced for a possible mistake. Late in the afternoon, while most of the staff was out on the lawn for games and refreshments, she went to the archive room to look for the Odessa file.

She proceeded to the East Asia section and spotted the current case files. When the archive was empty, she dashed to the right section and started to rifle for the Odessa file. She tried her best, but the approaching footsteps dragged her back to where she was supposed to be [We used the research rules.]. The clerk entered the archive, noticed an open drawer and shut, muttering to himself.

Reiko didn’t get a chance to get back to the cabinet. She walked away as her eye caught the O-drawer for the current criminal cases which she had disregarded the two last times that she tried to find the file.


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