The Empress of India

Looking for Kate

Landing in Calcutta

Maritje van der Spoel landed in Calcutta after a long cruise through the oceans. The air on land war stiffling, the city overcrowded by London’s standards. Maritje had received a letter from Kate, her sister, shortly after her arrest in Delhi. She figured that she would be extradited to Calcutta by now.

Maritje seeked a family friend, Sir Phillip Dermott, but found that the contact information that she had was out of date. She found a small hotel near the Government House and settled there for the night.

The clerk at the Colonial court

Maritje figured out that although many people in the street knew about her sister through the press, little was known about the so called Agent Odessa. She headed to the Colonial Court in an attempt to find more information, and maybe locate where her sister was detained.

She met a nice guy, Leon Rhepold, who proved to be most eager to assist. Maritje, used her surgical-grade incisiveness and disarming smile to get Leon talk to her about Agent Odessa. Leon felt very bad that Maritje had to go through such hardship, and was willing to help as much as he could (reaction roll good). To make her feel better, he told her that he knew for a fact that she was not kept in jail but rather in a well kept household in Calcutta. That she was treated with the regards of the widow of a former director of the EITC.

With this information on hand, Maritje returned home and started to plot how she’d manage to find out who was playing host to her artsy sister.


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