The Empress of India

A friend on the other side

Sean the gardener

Reiko rents a flat in the posh area of Calcutta in the shades of Government house. Although shades are coming in short supply at this time of the year. While she was practicing piano, she spotted Sean walking up the rose alley. Reiko invited Sean for a tea. The two sat in the garden and got down to business.

Sean explained to Reiko about Kate Levenstein (aka Agent Odessa in the press) and her trial. Sean explained that Mary was interested in understanding why the trial had been suspended. Sean also asked her to find where Agent Odessa was kept.

The two parted as Reiko needed to get ready to get back to her job at Government house.

Finding a way into the Colonial Court

Reiko worked as a translator for the colonial government. She has usually access to documents, but not access to the Colonial Court. Lots of people are chatting about the trial but very few know any of the details that made this case so interesting. She set her eyes to find someone, a clerk, working at the court which she could use to get information. She used the social entertainer approach by spotting the court employees during afternoon tea. She eventually found a vulnerable target, Leon Rhepold, with whom she obtained a very good reaction.

Unfortunately, Leon turned out to have a very high standards of professionalism. However, his loneliness would ultimately lead him to overstep his bright principles.


Field trip in the archive room

Reiko entertained a number of dates with Leon. She tricked him into believing that she really enjoyed his explanation about the minute details of his work. She finally convinced him to give her a tour of the archive room after hours.

During the tour, she listened carefully and mapped out the room to narrow down the possible locations on the Odessa file. As the tour is about to end, she pretended to be about to have a fainting spell and convinced Leon to leave the room to find some medicine at her desk across the parliament. While Leon was away, she began rifling through the file system. However, the filing seemed to be done in an odd manner and she lost most of her time looking through civil cases. Leon came back, apologetic for having failed to locate the medicine.

Despondent, Reiko has to leave the room as she realized that the filing system for criminal case had been waiting there under her nose all along.

filing system:1, Reiko:0


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